Before we were Angels we once were collectors & enforcers. There was a major collection that no one wanted any part off! No one messes with the people the collection was on, due to this I was one of the people not interested in signing up for the job. Things changed when word got out that Mavrick, the Soul Collector was to lead the collection, & just like that I was now in.
From the day we met, we would forge a rare friendship that would take us on many wild adventures & journeys! We would collect & enforce together & Soon Mavrick N Grundy stories would be told by many, especially me.
People would often say that we should make a movie, we should write a book. We always laughed & never truly considered it, collecting & enforcing was more than paying the bills. We had a situation arise that required us to lay low for a while. We spent a lot of time together & the subject of making a movie & writing a book came up & we thought, why not. Once the dust settled we came out of hiding, took care of some loose ends & set our sites on Hollywood. We formed our own production company & jumped into the deep end head first & within 2 years we created Mavrick N Grundy the series & a clothing line, wrote & published Walking with the Soul Collector as a paperback & E-Book with an Audible version coming. We will also be releasing another series we produced, Grundy’s Misfits.

Mavrick N Grundy Productions also works with other content creators to polish their projects with editing, sound design, color, effects & a whole lot more. Our production department is headed by Drew Dermott.

Our series & books are based off true events & circumstances we faced & experienced during our days as Good men doing bad things.

We use our past to help create our future. It’s as if our lives were spent gathering stories & experiences that we are now able to share.

Oh and so you don’t judge a book by its cover, Mavrick is a preacher, a politician running for Mayor as well as a marriage councelor.

Based on true Events! This Action/Comedy explains the life of American Gangster Mavrick, the Soul Collector & Grundy, a wild weed-smoking, beer-drinking woman chasing Aussie from Down Under.

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